What is the OPTAVIA Path to Achievement?

Why did the OPTAVIA Path to Achievement Recognition Program change?

We reworked our existing recognition program to create a streamlined version that is scalable to meet the needs of our growing OPTAVIA Community in the United States, and in emerging markets internationally.

What are the specifics of this streamlined program?

An outline of what to expect in recognition of ongoing Rank Advancements and Competency Achievements, starting with October 2018 achievements, can be found in the official  OPTAVIA Path to Achievement Recognition Program Guide.

You may also refer to the overview below: 

Will there be any retroactive recognition for achievements occurring prior to the streamlined program recognizing October 2018 achievements?

As part of the launch of this streamlined program, certain highest Rank Advancements and Competency Achievements occurring during the OPTAVIA Path to Achievement interim period, March – September 2018, will be recognized with milestone pins. More info can be found in this  graphic.

How am I recognized if I’m an existing Manager and “skip” to Regional Director rank in one month? 

Congratulations! In the OPTAVIA Path to Achievement program, your new highest achieved rank is recognized; in this case, you would receive your Regional Director rank card in the mail in the weeks following your achievement. And, we encourage you to work toward the next milestone.

I advanced in Rank to Integrated Presidential Director, how does my recognition work?

Congratulations! You have reached the highest echelon of achievement as an OPTAVIA Coach. You will receive an email following your achievement requesting your preference of pin(s) and/or pendant(s). There’s a limit of one article per Coach, and a chain will not be included with a pendant.

How do I get a copy of the OPTAVIA Path to Achievement document?

For additional details on OPTAVIA Path to Achievement, please find this information outlined in this downloadable  PDF document 

Will co-applicants also receive an OPTAVIA milestone pin?

Yes, if there are two applicants on an account, we will provide milestone pins for both members.