4 Simple Steps to Success

1. Get Connected

Clarify your personal motivation for becoming an OPTAVIA Coach.

Complete the What is Most Important To You worksheet, to connect with why becoming an OPTAVIA Coach really matters to you.

Make contact with your Business Coach, and talk to them about your business goals. You can find your Business Coach’s contact information in your Welcome Email or on OPTAVIA CONNECT.

2. Learn

Determine what skills to hone by diving into OPTAVIA’s Learning Center. To find and explore the OPTAVIA Learning Center conduct a quick search on COACH ANSWERS by visiting COACHANSWERS-HK.OPTAVIA.COM. There you will learn how to access the system and begin to leverage this invaluable tool. 

Once you’ve created an online account, dive into various self-paced video training courses on the topics you need to know as an OPTAVIA Coach. No need to be an expert! At the Learning Center, you will experience interactive virtual trainings in conjunction with interactive experiences to maximize your retention on a myriad of topics. 

This OPTAVIA Learning Center is a training platform that also allows you to track your progress and have access to important files, intended to reinforce those key takeaways gleaned from training courses and virtual trainings.

3. Get into Action

Decide who you’re going to talk to, and what you’re going to say and reach out. Create your first ‘Contact List’ and identify your top 10 Candidates. Use the template provided in the online PDF to get you started. 

Think about who you know you can help! Take a minute to review this list with your Business Coach, who might have some ideas to steer you to success. Outline your talking points, based on your own story and experience. 

What are you excited to share? What’s likely to be of interest to your Candidates? Start sharing your personal OPTAVIA story using social media using #OPTAVIAHK and #LifelongTransformation. Be sure to add your story and picture to your own OPTAVIA personalized website. 

Create your ‘Contact List’ and introduce your Candidates to OPTAVIA and its mission of Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time®. Do this by yourself or partner with your Business Coach if you’d like some help.

4. Welcome your First Clients

Decide who you’re going to talk to, and what you’re going to say and reach out. Start your Clients on their own OPTAVIA transformational journey. Follow-up with all your Candidates, to see whether they’re interested. 

If they’re ready to learn the habits that lead to lifelong transformation, help them get started and place their first order! If they’re not ready yet, stay in touch with them and add them to your Follow-up List

If they’re really not interested, thank them and ask them to give you a referral of someone they know who may be interested.