Virtual Support video campaign

Who should I enroll in the Virtual Support series?

To ensure the most accurate email campaign is shared with your Clients, we strongly recommend that you subscribe your new Client to the Virtual Support campaign TWO DAYS BEFORE they go on Plan. The first two videos are from Dr. A and Lori Andersen welcoming new Clients to the OPTAVIA Community and preparing them, for what they can expect while on Plan.

How do I enroll a new Client in the Virtual Support campaign?

You can initiate the Virtual Support email campaign for a new Client by clicking on the icon from the homepage of OPTAVIA Share. From there, click in the search box and begin typing your Client’s name.

How do I end a current Virtual Support campaign for one of my Clients?

You can unsubscribe your Clients by using the same steps you took to enroll them. Simply click on the icon from the homepage of OPTAVIA Share and begin typing your Client’s name.

What’s the Virtual Support Campaign?

Use this new tool to help your new Clients stay on Plan, learn more about the OPTAVIA Community, and explore the option of becoming a Coach themselves! This feature is fully automated, and takes less than 30 seconds to subscribe your new Clients.

Why do I need to sign-up a new Client for the Virtual Support email campaign?

Make sure to also sign-up your new Client for the Virtual Support email campaign two days before they go on Plan. This automated video series will send your Client several emails with quick tips and short, motivational videos from some of our top OPTAVIA Leaders.

What is the frequency for the emails being sent in the Virtual Support email campaign on OPTAVIA Share?

Below is the cadence for the Virtual Support email campaign. All emails (except for the initial welcome email) are sent at 8:00 AM ET / 5:00 AM PT.

The entire campaign consists of 24 videos, and takes place over 84 days - from the first video sent to the last.

  • Video 1: Sent as soon as a Client is enrolled in the series
  • Videos 2 - 9: One day after the previous video
  • Videos 10, 12, 14, 16: Three days after each celebration video
  • Videos 11, 13, 15, 17: Four days after each positive reinforcement video
  • Videos 18 - 24: Once a week

How are these emails being sent to my Clients?

These emails are being sent the same way most assets from OPTAVIA Share get distributed to your Clients. They are sent from your email address and have all of your personal Coach contact information and picture of yourself at the bottom.

What do I do if the Virtual Support email campaign isn’t working?

Please reach out to the Coach Success Team, and we will filter your request to the proper channel to ensure that the issue is resolved.