Tree View (CONNECT)

Tree view provides a bird’s eye view of your entire organization. To drill down within your organization, simply select any Coach that has a green circle. This will expand the tree view and reveal additional Coaches within your organization. 

To access reporting via OPTAVIA CONNECT, hover your mouse over Engage in the navigation bar and then select Tree View. Scroll your mouse over the name to view profile.

  • Coach View Options

    • Enter in a Coach’s name and select Red Line view to highlight the line of sponsorship between you and the selected Coach. 

  • Client View Options

    • To view Clients, simply select Frontline Clients. You can also locate a specific Client within your organization by entering in the Clients name in the search field and selecting Client Locator.

Tree View Report  navigation - can use the search bar and Client or Client View Options to help filter your report.

Tree View Report advanced filters - selecting the drop-down arrow in the header allows you to select from the drop-down fields to search within your team both domestically and internationally.