Track Order Status

Within the OPTAVIA App, you can track the status of your On-demand/Premier order. To track the status of your order, please review the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to the OPTAVIA app with your credentials. *This information will be the same username and password used to login into via the web.

Step 2: On the dashboard, the shipping tiles at the top will provide updates on the status of your order(s). If there are several orders, each order will have its own tile. * Scroll from left/right to find the tile for a specific order.

OPTAVIA App - Shipping tile. OPTAVIA App - Scrolling through shipping tile.

Step 3: Once you have located the desired shipping tile, check the status bar across the top of the tile to see the status of your order. Here one of the following order statuses will display:

  • Ordered: This status indicates an order has been placed but has not yet shipped.
  • Shipped: This status indicates the order has been shipped to the shipping address.

Step 4: Click the Order Details link in the bottom-right corner of the shipping tile to view details. This will open the Order Details page and provide information related to the selected order.

OPTAVIA App - Order Details within the shipping tile.