Quick Start Bonus Report (CONNECT)

The Quick Start Bonus report displays Coaches that are either eligible to earn the Quick Start Bonus or Coaches that have already earned the Quick Start Bonus for the current commissionable period.

You can also toggle between Frontline and Organization options for this report.

This report defaults to Eligible for QSB (HK/SG Only). 

CAB/QSB Report - The report type can be filtered by 4 options: Eligible for CAB(US only), Earned CAB(US Only), Eligible for QSB(Honk Kong or Singapore only), and Earned QSB(Honk Kong or Singapore Only).

When selecting the QSB Eligible link in the Team widget located on the Engage Dashboard, you will be routed to this page with a default set to Organization with Eligible for QSB Report

Team widget located at the bottom of the Engage Dashboard.