How do I start the Certification Exam?

Complete the following steps to access the OPTAVIA Certification Exam. If you have not yet purchased the OPTAVIA Certification Exam, please see the instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Go to OPTAVIA CONNECT and login with username and password. 
  2. Hover your mouse over the Learn tab in the CONNECT navigation bar. Select the Certification Exam from the drop down menu. Page will redirect you to the OPTAVIA Certification course page.

Connect dashboard - selecting Certification Exam from the Learn tab within the navigation menu.

  1. Click Certification Exam to continue. After reviewing the Getting Started text on screen, click Continue to view the course.

Certification Exam - select the green Continue button in the lower right hand section.

  1. Click Start Exam to begin.

Certification Exam - select the green Start button in the lower right hand section.

  1. Select the correct answer and click Next for next question until all questions are answered.  Once all questions are answered, click Submit to attempt for grading and be taken to the Summary/review page to see the score and a summary of all questions answered.

Choosing Your Answer - choose the correct answer to each question, then select the green next button in the lower right-hand section.

  1. Exam grade will display your final score along with the number of questions answered correctly. Your answer must with 70% and above accuracy to pass the exam.