How do I add a Co-Applicant to my account?

  • Sign up as primary only on the account and then add your spouse (this includes those individuals bound by a marriage, civil union, domestic partnership or common-law marriage), e.g. husband or wife who share a last name which can be done by simply changing the accounts primary name to BOTH individuals.  Coaches can do so by selecting the “My Account” section in their cart.   
  • If the Coach wants their spouse to be listed as a separate Co-Applicant, the Coach needs to fill out the   Co-Applicant Account Add-On Request Form.
  • If the Coaches have different last names but are otherwise married (or have a domestic partnership, civil union or common-law marriage) they will need to fill out the above form as well.
  • If the Coaches are NOT spouses and are any two or more individuals who want to operate an OPTAVIA Coach business, unfortunately, we cannot add a co-applicant in this situation.  More than one individual who wants to operate a Coach business needs to form a business entity legally and sign the agreement with that document   linked here.